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4 minutes ago: One and Two Storey Extension in London... 96 minutes ago: Garage Conversion in Nelson... 3 minutes ago: Swimming Pool in Bristol... 102 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in Marlow... 107 minutes ago: Extension for 6 Holiday Units in Dursley... 31 minutes ago: Extension to Restaurant in Barnsley... 100 minutes ago: Dwelling in Westbury... 32 minutes ago: Dwelling in Doncaster... 20 minutes ago: 2 Dwellings in Sutton Coldfield... 38 minutes ago: Alterations to Retail Unit in Thame... 42 minutes ago: Dwelling in Preston... 27 minutes ago: Extension for 2 Flats in Nottingham... 37 minutes ago: Conversion to Restaurant in Nottingham... 90 minutes ago: Conversion to Gymnasium in Corsham... 91 minutes ago: Dwelling in Llanelli... 64 minutes ago: Conversion to Flat in London... 83 minutes ago: Extension in Hornchurch... 73 minutes ago: Loft Conversion in Twickenham... 65 minutes ago: 140 Dwellings in Scunthorpe... 17 minutes ago: 192 Dwellings in Huddersfield... 62 minutes ago: Dwelling in St. Albans... 33 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in Pudsey... 121 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in Wednesbury... 85 minutes ago: Conversion to Casino in London... 105 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in Swansea... 74 minutes ago: 9 Flats in London... 30 minutes ago: Extension in Stamford... 82 minutes ago: Conversion to 21 Flats in Leeds... 103 minutes ago: One and Two Storey Extension in Lightwater... 55 minutes ago: Classroom Building in Coventry... 54 minutes ago: Conversion to Industrial Unit in Holmfirth... 77 minutes ago: Dwelling in Buckhurst Hill...

Construction Sales Leads

Planning Pipe provides construction contractors, construction suppliers and property professionals with construction project sales leads sourced from brand new UK Planning applications. The website reports on over 5000 new construction leads in the UK each week.

Building contractors,construction product and service suppliers as well as property professionals can instantly find out what new projects are coming up in their market – with the contact information to ensure they have an early heads-up on new business opportunities.

Construction sales leads can be tailored specifically by sector, location and value to ensure companies are only alerted to construction projects relevant to their business needs.

Planning information is a proven source of construction sales leads and a way of targeting new business beyond a firm’s existing client and prospect base. Planning information has historically been difficult to access and use, or expensively provided. Planning Pipe provides a cost effective way of accessing new, live construction sales leads at an early stage.

Planning Pipe allows users to effectively search for their ideal construction lead - and prospects close to that ideal - to help increase the chances of winning the right kind of work. It is particularly effective as a source for construction project leads below the big scheme headlines. Around 90% of planned new residential construction projects involve less than 10 unit developments. Every day across the UK there are over 150 new planned commercial and residential projects with a build value of between £1m and £5m. These are the projects that can provide great sales leads – great opportunities to target clients and developers at an early stage - and are now accessible without committing significant marketing spend.

Construction contractors and suppliers must strike a balance between generating high quality as well as high numbers of construction sales leads. Planning Pipe provides a cost-effective means to fill sales pipelines with quality and quantity of leads – to maximise the chances of winning new work.

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