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Planning Leads

Planning leads are a proven method for construction contractors, construction suppliers and property professionals to identify and target upcoming new business opportunities. Planning Pipe provides a free, live feed to all UK Planning activity. It reports on all new UK Planning applications within hours of original local authority publication.

Construction industry marketing professionals have historically paid £000s for Planning leads to help grow their new sales pipeline – while many smaller building contractors and local suppliers waste valuable time on local authority websites trying to find upcoming jobs. Planning Pipe is a uniquely comprehensive and up to date source of planning leads.

Planning Pipe

  • provides cost-effective planning leads – you can subscribe from as little as £39.95 (+VAT) per month on a month-by-month basis.
  • informs you first about relevant new Planning applications – submitted and approved - on average within 48 hours of local authority publication.
  • filters the data and alerts you to projects that are relevant to you - allowing you to focus on the right size and type of projects in the right locations for you.
  • researches client and architect telephone contact details to give you an early heads up on key decision makers.
  • provides leads in mailmerge format to maximise your marketing process efficiency.

Planning Leads for Major Projects

Major, national construction schemes are often well publicised. However, up to date, relevant information for contractors and construction suppliers about the majority of upcoming new construction projects is harder to source – efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Planning system can provide data about upcoming new construction projects that have been submitted and approved. Planning Pipe significantly enhances that data – transforming it into planning leads for building contractors and suppliers to the UK construction industry. By improving and researching contact data on an application’s client and architect or agent, Planning Pipe provides easy access to key specifiers for your product or services.

With Planning Pipe you can filter out the projects that are not right for you and get an instant yet cost-effective heads-up on planning leads of the right size, location and sector. With ready access to telephone contacts and easy to use mailing data, Planning Pipe provides both quality and quantity of planning leads – leads that can form an integral yet cost effective part of your sales and marketing budget.

Planning Leads for the Local Contractor and Supplier
For local builders and suppliers Planning Pipe provides a cost-effective way to track new construction projects in a local area – as soon as they appear on local authority websites. By subscribing to our Regional Service, construction firms will receive instant alerts to new projects and save significant time trawling for data on local authority websites. By providing address data in mailmerge format (MPS checked) and enhanced address and telephone contact data on larger projects, Planning Pipe adds real efficiency to your sales and marketing processes.

With over 100 new commercial and residential projects with a build value of over £100k – and around 500 new house extension and single new build projects, reported on Planning Pipe every day – there is no other UK website that provides the range and depth of planning leads.

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