15415 new projects in the last 7 days

110 minutes ago: 4 Dwellings in Sittingbourne ... 4 minutes ago: Dwelling in Dagenham ... 11 minutes ago: Conversion to 3 Dwellings in Eastbourne ... 9 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in London ... 102 minutes ago: Conversion to HMO in Bolton ... 105 minutes ago: Conversion to Storage Facility in Wotton-Under-Edge ... 118 minutes ago: Dwelling in Cannock ... 52 minutes ago: 8 Dwellings in Mansfield ... 11 minutes ago: 2 Dwellings in Market Harborough ... 27 minutes ago: Extension in Hemel Hempstead ... 79 minutes ago: Dwelling in Castle Douglas ... 56 minutes ago: 2 Dwellings in Exeter ... 44 minutes ago: Conversion to Flat in Plymouth ... 63 minutes ago: Dwelling in Manchester ... 17 minutes ago: Conversion to Dwelling in Glasgow ... 55 minutes ago: Conversion to 2 Dwellings in King'S Lynn ... 73 minutes ago: Conversion to Takeaway/Wine Shop in Prescot ... 4 minutes ago: Loft Conversion in London ... 111 minutes ago: Conversion to 5 Dwellings in Bedford ... 15 minutes ago: Dwelling in Bushey ... 47 minutes ago: Extension in Oldbury ... 117 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in Hertford ... 61 minutes ago: Dwelling in Poole ... 72 minutes ago: One Storey Extensions in Newcastle Upon Tyne ... 69 minutes ago: Conversion to Dwelling in Coleford ... 9 minutes ago: Two Storey Extension in Bishop'S Stortford ... 27 minutes ago: Outbuilding in Cheltenham ... 48 minutes ago: Loft Conversion in Brighton ... 89 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in Hockley ... 32 minutes ago: Dwelling in Bradford ... 71 minutes ago: 35 Dwellings in Rochester ... 94 minutes ago: Extension for 2 Flats in Birmingham ...

I am a construction supplier. What can Planning Pipe offer me?

Planning information is a proven method for construction suppliers to get their product or service specified on the projects they want to target. Planning Pipe provides a cost effective way of accessing live new business opportunities by bringing you the fastest alerts for new construction projects in the UK.

Whether your business is focused on residential or commercial work, house extensions or specialist project types, Planning Pipe can provide you a regular feed of new prospects who are planning the work you want to target. You can use Planning Pipe’s contact data to use directly in your sales processes – either by phone, email and/or postal contact.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s just some of the construction suppliers who use Planning Pipe to help them win new work:

“I have been using Planning Pipe for approximately 4 years and have found it to be easy to use , as accurate as anything else in the market and extremely good value for money…..Thank you Planning Pipe”   Simon Wheeler, Business Development Manager, ICW Building Control

“It takes a lot of the time away from searching local authority portals for me and I can literally pull up the report on a Monday and seek out in minutes any application that could be of interest to me. It helps sort the wheat from the chaff in a very short space of time. The cost effectiveness of the monthly fee to PP far outweighs the time I would spend sifting through such data. I have picked up some valuable contracts from this service and the profit this has generated is vast compared to the total monthly fees I have paid.”   Mike Horne, UK Steel Building

“Planning Pipe has helpfully provided very tailored and reliable data support as part of our business operations.”   Peter Hayne, Cellnex

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