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148 minutes ago: Dwelling in Louth ... 203 minutes ago: Industrial Unit in Stockton-On-Tees ... 128 minutes ago: Loft Conversion in Bushey ... 187 minutes ago: Extension in Leyland ... 168 minutes ago: Dwelling in Newtownards ... 223 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in Nuneaton ... 170 minutes ago: 15 Dwellings in Basingstoke ... 162 minutes ago: Conversion to Retail Unit in Ramsgate ... 168 minutes ago: Extension to Office in London ... 201 minutes ago: Conversion to Dessert Shop in Birmingham ... 146 minutes ago: Bay Window in Shrewsbury ... 137 minutes ago: Garage Conversion in Camberley ... 203 minutes ago: Dwelling in Thirsk ... 177 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in York ... 185 minutes ago: Extensions in Wolverhampton ... 230 minutes ago: Extension and Conversion for 2 Dwellings in London ... 190 minutes ago: Dwelling in Guildford ... 135 minutes ago: Conversion to Apartment in Thornton-Cleveleys ... 122 minutes ago: Extension in London ... 126 minutes ago: Conversion to 27 Dwellings in Brixham ... 205 minutes ago: Residential Development (1,000 Units) in Lancaster ... 215 minutes ago: Conversion to 2 Flats in London ... 188 minutes ago: Dwelling in Manchester ... 207 minutes ago: 20 Apartments in Horsham ... 180 minutes ago: Extension for 3 Apartments in Hornsea ... 123 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in London ... 163 minutes ago: Conversion to Dwelling in Milton Keynes ... 192 minutes ago: Dwelling in Sheffield ... 151 minutes ago: Dwelling in Nottingham ... 190 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in Barnet ... 139 minutes ago: Conversion to 3 Flats in Edinburgh ... 209 minutes ago: One Storey Extension in Nuneaton ...

Bespoke services

Planning Pipe can provide you with highly customised planning leads and upcoming construction project data from any part of the UK.

If you’re a contractor, construction product provider, service supplier, developer, financial services supplier or property professional, call us
and tell us what contacts and what projects you are looking to target.

We can provide 10 Free Leads and a forecast count of lead numbers you can expect to receive. You will know before any commitment what the data looks like and how many leads you’ll get.

Bespoke Regional Service

Planning Pipe can deliver to your inbox a regular supply of contact and projects leads that match your exact criteria. Here are some examples of Regional Bespoke data services we are supplying:

  • Single dwelling new builds and extensions from within a 25 mile radius
  • Residential Conversion projects across 2 UK regions
  • Residential and commercial projects up to £1m across selected local authority areas
  • Luxury new builds and high value renovations across selected postcodes.

Whether you’re a contractor, construction product provider, service supplier, developer, financial services supplier or property professional, Planning Pipe’s Bespoke Service can help you target the new opportunities that are uniquely relevant to you.

Bespoke National Service

Planning Pipe can filter from across the whole of the UK to target precisely the construction projects that are relevant to you – and exclude those that aren’t. Here a just a few examples of National Bespoke data services we are supplying – that will give you a flavour of what we can provide:

  • Steel framed industrial and storage units excluding agricultural buildings
  • Residential new builds and conversions between 10 and 100 units
  • Hotel, care and student new build or extensions schemes across the UK
  • Luxury single new builds (5 bedrooms +) and significant home renovation projects only from high value postcodes.

Call us for 10 Free Leads and an estimate of lead numbers for your bespoke new business requirements.

Single residential projects

Choose from self builds, house extensions, loft or basement conversions by your local area, postcode or radius search

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Multi residential projects

Target multi residential new builds or conversions to focus on the house, flat or apartment projects that meet your new business needs

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Commercial projects

Office or industrial, retail or leisure, education or health - we report on all commercial projects large and small

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